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E. Rousseau Saxophone Ligatures

With over two years in development, E. Rousseau saxophone ligatures were created for players who desire the optimum response from their mouthpiece set-up. The E. Rousseau Metal and FLEX ligatures provide the best choices, not only in reed fit and security, but also in the ability of the mouthpiece to give the player outstanding tone quality, response, projection and dynamic control – all absolutely necessary for superior saxophone performance.

E. Rousseau ligatures were designed to fit all major mouthpiece brands and work exceedingly well to enhance the mouthpiece dynamics. “There is a wonderful presence/resonance in the sonority,” one artist stated. While players may have different results with different set-ups, those incorporating E. Rousseau ligatures have the background of perhaps the greatest influence in the design of the modern saxophone of any player or teacher of his time – Eugene Rousseau.

The history of E. Rousseau mouthpieces in all genres at the highest performance levels shows that its design is superior in the most critical performing situations. Adding an E. Rousseau ligature can provide additional benefits, depending on your performance needs.

See your favorite music dealer and ask them for E. Rousseau ligatures.

E. Rousseau Metal Ligature for Alto Saxophone

The E. Rousseau all brass metal ligature for alto saxophone was specifically designed to fit all major mouthpiece designs, including E. Rousseau, Selmer, Vandoren and many others.

The material selected is .016” brass with a single screw. A single screw allows for even tension to be applied to the reed. Brass material at this specific thickness makes it both flexible and strong, with a positive impact on the sound.

The shape of E. Rousseau metal ligature is trapezoidal to focus holding power from screw to reed. Four relief areas have been provided to further promote response. 

E. Rousseau metal ligatures are designed for and work exceeding well on most brands of hard rubber and plastic alto saxophone mouthpieces.

* Metal ligatures for S/T/B saxophones are currently in development


E. Rousseau FLEX Saxophone Ligatures

Some players prefer ligatures of more supple materials. The challenge is to develop the appropriate flexible ligature that enhances every performance.

The E. Rousseau FLEX Ligature is a specially-developed ligature material designed for all (S/A/T/B) saxophone mouthpieces. The single gold-plated and lacquered brass screw provides perfect tension to the reed surface for stable positioning and control of sound. Strategically placed “sound slots” provide for perfect pressure reed to mouthpiece fit. Specially grooved reed-grip technology combined with vent holes for visual alignment help you get the most out of your reed. A leather grain appearance and gold metal medallion provide a distinctive finish. The E. Rousseau FLEX ligature is available for all S/A/T/B saxophones. It fits E. Rousseau, Selmer, Vandoren and practically all other mouthpiece brands.

E. Rousseau FLEX Saxophone Ligature Models

For E. Rousseau Soprano mouthpieces #6087L

For narrow Soprano mouthpieces and Jazz Metal tenor #6098R

For hard rubber Alto Saxophone mouthpieces #6026

For Jazz Metal Alto mouthpieces #6087T

For hard rubber Tenor & narrow Baritone Saxophone mouthpieces #6027R

For E. Rousseau Baritone Saxophone mouthpieces #6027L