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E. Rousseau Saxophone Mouthpieces

E. Rousseau saxophone mouthpieces are well-known in the United States and are played by many of today’s finest saxophone teachers. E. Rousseau mouthpieces are well-known around the world, as well, for providing appropriate tone application, responsiveness and projection necessary for traditional and modern classical performance, as well as for the power and versatility to cover the entire spectrum of jazz, pop and rock performance.

Endorsing Artists in Europe

Iwan Roth, legendary saxophone virtuoso and teacher, Switzerland

“I have played an E. Rousseau Classic for about 20 years. I recorded 3 CD's and many broadcast recording with the combination Rousseau Classic and Yamaha Custom. Of course, I recommend the E. Rousseau mouthpieces.” 

Mario Marzi, Professor of Saxophone at the "Conservatorio G. Verdi" of Milan, Italy

“I like the purity and the centering of the sound in all registers, as well as the overall tone and the ease of articulation.”

Andrea Mocci, Conservatory of Cagliari, Italy

"I play the E. Rousseau mouthpieces because it feels and performs as a natural extension of my concept of sound. Tone is well-centered in all registers and response is exactly what I need for my best performances. I also love this mouthpiece for the sound clarity. From attack to release, it is very clear."

Roberto Todini is Professor of Saxophone at the Conservatory "F. Morlacchi "of Perugia, Italy.

“I've tested with other famous mouthpieces, and I must tell you that I really like the E. Rousseau Studio Jazz mouthpiece. Uniformity of sound, dark color, easy to play, easy on the staccato, even in all registers, and it holds together at all volumes.”

Nuno Miguel Silva, Music Conservatory Choral Phydellius, at the Conservatory Jaime Chavinha (CAORG), at Vitorino Matono’s Music Institute and at the Conservatory Sons e Compassos (Sintra). Portugal

“The sound of the Rousseau NC mouthpiece is well-centered, with good harmonics and projection, and the tone is darker and full. As for the Studio Jazz mouthpiece, the sound is bright but without exaggeration, powerful and moldable, exactly what I was looking for from a mouthpiece with a medium opening”.

Johan van der Linden, professor of saxophone at the Artez Conservatory in Zwolle and the Hku in Utrecht and was an original member of the world famous Aurelia Saxophone Quartet The Netherlands

Saša Nestorović, Zagreb Music School, Zagreb Saxophone Quartet, professional player, composer, arrange, Slovenia

“E. Rousseau New Classic (NC4) are best multi-use mouthpieces, from chamber music to orchestral level dynamics. They provide the widest dynamic range of all classical saxophone mouthpieces. E.Rousseau Studio Jazz mouthpieces provide a grace and freedom that is just perfect. The pitch is superb on all saxophones and it does NOT exasperate your chops at all like other jazz mouthpieces do. In combination with New Classic, you can have it both ways –a professional classical saxophone mouthpiece and professional jazz performance mouthpiece – with E. Rousseau.”

Dragan Sremec, professor of saxophone at the Zagreb University Music Academy, the founder of the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet, Slovenia

Goran Merčep, professor of chamber music at the Zagreb University Music Academy and artistic director of the Samobor Musical Autumn festival. He is a member of the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet. Slovenia

Matjaž Drevenšek, a founding member of the Soloists Chamber Orchestra of the Society of Slovene Composers (KOS), the solo saxophonist in the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, an artistic co-director of S.O.S. Saxophone Orchestra and member of the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet. Slovenia

Rodrigo Lima, teacher and performer, saxophone Soloist in the Symphonic Band of the National Republican Guard, Lisbon, Portugal  

“I just adore E. Rousseau mouthpieces. After 25 years on another brand, this was an amazing change for me. I truly believe in E. Rousseau.”

Sigurdur Flosason, Tónlistarksóli F.I.H, Iceland

“I have played the Rousseau mouthpieces since the mid 80’s and never felt the need to look for anything else. The mouthpieces offer the wide range in dynamics and tone color I’m looking for, as well as great response in all registers. “

Endorsing Artists in Central & South America

Javier Valerio, Professor of Saxophone, University of Costa Rica; Director, SONSAX Saxophone Quintet

Ricardo Figueria, the University School of Music of Montevideo (EUM), Uruguay

“With my E. Rousseau RC4 mouthpiece I achieve a very warm sound. It is a very easy and comfortable mouthpiece to play. It is also highly responsive and consistent through all registers. It allows me to reach the altissimo register and the low tones effortlessly and achieve a full rounded tone. I sincerely believe my Rousseau RC4 Mouthpiece provides me the quality of sound I have been looking for.”

Sofia Zumbado, SZ Music, Mexico

"I play E. Rousseau mouthpieces because I have not found another mouthpiece that will give me such control in sound and dynamics than the NC4. I have used this mouthpiece since 1995 and I don´t think I will ever change it."