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Discover E. Rousseau® Mouthpieces for Jazz, Rock & Pop Performance

The E. Rousseau Jazz models provide the power and versatility to cover the entire spectrum of jazz, pop and rock performance. These models provide every jazz and commercial player a choice of edge, power, and control while also giving the best opportunity for a truly beautiful saxophone tone. All Jazz Metal and Baritone Saxophone mouthpieces include ligature and cap.

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Understanding Saxophone Mouthpiece Design

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E. Rousseau Studio Jazz Series Mouthpieces

Provide excellent edge and power, but remain consistent with a solid tonal center. Good response with an even scale in all registers and easy to play. The Studio Jazz Series delivers great response in the low register when playing soft (full tone) and in sub tone. At ease with altissimo work as well. S/A/T

E. Rousseau JDX Series Mouthpieces

Features a unique wedged baffle that balances a stable sound with greater power, edge and projection. Good response and an even scale in all registers. A full sounding mouthpiece, with enough edge to “cut through” but enough warmth for sensitive ballad work. A/T/B 

E. Rousseau Jazz Metal Mouthpieces

Provide a powerful tone with an excellent balance of edge and warmth. The low baffle and angled side walls guide the air to produce a very consistent sound in all registers that almost never sounds harsh or too bright. Designed to produce a clear and beautiful tone quality, and capable of tremendous volume of sound. Each is 24 carat gold-plated and includes a superior quality ligature and cap. 

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Comments from Jazz Artists and Teachers

Greg Abate, international jazz artist, discusses E. Rousseau Jazz Mouthpieces. “These are great mouthpieces. All registers are very clear and easy to facilitate. I found the mouthpieces to have rich, dark tone, just a little resistance and good projection.”

Rick VanMatre, international jazz/crossover artist, says E. Rousseau jazz mouthpieces have “a good design – a nice combination of straight side walls with roll-over baffle.” He indicated that he got a nice open response and very good projection.. Workmanship and feel were “great!”

Matthew Patnode, Saxophone teacher at North Dakota State commented, “It has a full, fat sound, but with enough edge for a lead alto to cut through a big band. Likewise, the warm sound is also flexible enough for an alto sax ballad. I will recommend this mouthpiece to all of my jazz alto saxophone students."

David Demsey, award-winning jazz educator, comments on the Studio Jazz model: “Very responsive and a beautiful sound overall. Very musical sound, sub tone is off the charts excellent! Very even throughout the range. Nice air flow, but not too open. Great workmanship, beautifully made mouthpiece. Feels very natural in my mouth. I have to say I am very impressed, and would recommend this piece to students and colleagues.“

David Brennan, Los Angeles performer and teacher, comments on the Studio Jazz model: “I was pleased with the response and articulation. The mouthpiece blows consistently throughout the register of the horn. A good section player mouthpiece for jazz. Feels like a classical mouthpiece which works for me. A good possibility as well for ensemble playing."

Brian McCarthy, New England performer, composer, arranger, educator, says, “The JDX alto was a smoking piece! Response of notes just fly out of the horn. Even response up and down, without a lot of effort. The Studio Jazz Alto is a nice alternative to super bright baffled pieces. Any loud situation such as lead alto, or amplified rock/funk bands, this piece can handle well.”