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Discover E. Rousseau® Mouthpieces
for Classical & Concert Performance

The E. Rousseau Classical models provide for appropriate tone application, responsiveness and projection necessary for both traditional and modern classical performance. All classic models provide an opportunity for freedom of expression in all registers while maintaining a truly beautiful saxophone tone. All Baritone Saxophone mouthpieces include ligature and cap.

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Five Steps For Testing A Saxophone Mouthpiece 

Understanding Saxophone Mouthpiece Design

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E. Rousseau Classic R Series

Provide a warm centered tone, positive response, and powerful projection. Available in three (Soprano and Alto) or four (Tenor and Baritone) facings, most players settle in on medium or medium open selection. The Classic R Series offers a wide palate of opportunity for advanced players.

A detailed discussion on the R Series

E. Rousseau Classic 
RC Series for Alto

Delivers a centered, darker tone and provides for a wide dynamic range with terrific response, including a distinctively improved lower register. This new design features slightly reshaped sidewalls and baffle.

A detailed discussion on the RC Series for Alto

E. Rousseau New 
Classic NC Series

Features a unique chamber with specially designed baffle and sidewalls to provide a more controlled tone. S/A/T/B The Tenor has a redesigned tip rail for natural reed fit and a longer shape for easier tuning. The Baritone model provides a noticeably robust response in the low register. Available in three facings (Soprano, Alto, Tenor) or four facings (Baritone).

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